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Anna V.

10 €/hour


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Adriána Š.20/05/2023Pet care

Anička strážila našu 5ročnú shibku a boli sme s ňou veľmi spokojní - pravidelne nás informovala o tom, ako sa spolu majú, posielala nám fotky a celkove sme boli radi, že má naša fenka príjemnú spoločnosť a opateru 😊 Ďakujeme a odporúčame!

About me

I got my first dog when I was 10, and thanks for that I am sure that yours will be in the best hands - safe and sound:)
I can take him out, do some zoomies, feed him and ofc cuddle him as much as possible.

What I would like to know about the of the dog/pet

I need to know if they are friendly around other animals, if there is anything to be beware of, what the like to eat and also what is their favorite spot for scratches:)


nárazovo, najlepšie napísať spravu

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Čeština, English, and Slovak

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Primary city: Bratislava