Unique babysitting insurance

Insurance included for free when making a booking with any caregiver on Hlídačky.sk.

97% bookings

are rated 🙂 or 😍

50 000+

families trust HlídačkyProtect™

Included with bookings

You only need an active monthly or quarterly membership, and a confirmed booking on Hlídačky.sk. Neither you nor the sitter pay anything extra.

Bookings just take a few seconds to set up.
No extra costs to you or the babysitter.

Be covered

The insurance is designed to quickly and efficiently provide cover in cases of unlikely events.

Insurance up to 35 000 €* per babysitting.
Efficient and quick handling of cases.
Our team is at your disposal to support you every step of the way.

Peace of Mind with
Every Booking

  • Every booking on Hlídačky.sk has HlídačkyProtect™
  • It takes 5 seconds to create.
  • It is super flexible and you can update anytime.

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