Verification centers

A little help for your choice of the right care and help

For the sitters: You will find the information about free terms in the verification centre and how to apply for them after the approval in your profile.

We believe that the clear and transparent communication is essential to safety. The sitter who chooses the vericication in OC must go through the following process:1

  • by ID card checking against the Ministry of the Interior database for the lost, stolen and invalid documents and the encrypted personal identification number archiving
  • by checking your clean criminal record
  • the highest completed education and other certificates
  • by taking a photo wearing the original babysitter T-shirt
  • and by answering model situations

We understand that this verification help does not substitute for your preferences and demands for family and household care. Verification centre is one of the options of verification, look at the complete overview of verification possibilities for sitters.

These are the latest sitters coming to us:


In order to make the information regarding the sitter beneficial for you, we are about to write up our own evaluation of her. You can read the result on her profile.

Frequently asked questions

Do you recommed the sitters who have already been to the verificaton centre?

Hlídač never make any recommendations - looking for an appropriate family and household care is always up to the particular user and the requirements are so complex and variable that we do not interfere in this choice.

Are there any sitters in the verification centre who were employed by you?

No. Hlídač is not an agency, we do not take any comission for any services and we never employ the sitters.

In case the sitter has already been to the verification centre, don't I have to verify her anymore?

Be sure to make your own verification and a job interview. Hlídač cannot be legally liable for any verification.

Verification center Bratislava

Verification center Prague Jankovcova

Verification center Brno

1 we have been constantly improving the verification process - checking identity documents against the database and archiving the encrypted personal identification number was substituted in October 2019 by ID card scanning with partly blackened data. For foreigners, the equivalent of the birth certificate number or the date of birth.