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Find a reliable babysitter. Whether you need a few hours a week to work or just some errands.

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Also look at sitter jobs, once approved you will be allowed to offer families babysitting! Parents will also be able to contact you directly.

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Babysitting. Whenever you need.

You can find a full-time sitter to take care of your children when you go to the cinema. There are hundreds of sitters from big towns registered here, you can simply start your search with babysitting in Prague or babysitting in Brno or enter the name of your town in the search box above.

The most important thing parents are interested in before the babysitting itself is their children’s safety.

You can read other parents’ experience with registered sitters, when you log in via Facebook, we will display all their friends in common and more and more sitters use three steps online verification. You can also have a look at 9 tips regarding your first babysitting experience.

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