First babysitting - what to watch out for?

First babysitting by the person I do not know. What to be careful about?

Our children’s safety is a priority for each of us. However, we might have to face a situation when we have to leave home suddenly and grandmothers or close friends simply don’t have the time to look after our children. There are many services on the Internet offering babysitting. But how can we find out which Sitter is the right one for us?

Each service offering babysitting is a little different. If you register with us using your Facebook account, for example, you can see the connection between your Sitter and your other friends. Then you can simply ask these friends if they recommend Sitter’s service and you will quickly get a reference. It is more complicated if there is no-one to give you reference. There are a few simple questions, though, which all good Sitters should be able to answer.

  1. Always ask for basic personal details [name, age, place of residence, phone number and even school if applicable]
  2. Always ask to see her ID card [ask for a copy if you are arranging a babysitting right away]
  3. Ask about Sitter’s experience
  4. Think of an example situation and ask the Sitter how she would solve it
  5. Before leaving the house, flash each other’s mobiles to make sure you have the right numbers
  6. Trust your intuition. If there is something you don’t like, refuse her service.
  7. If you have a chance, arrange regular phone calls with her
  8. Ask about anything that comes to your mind
  9. Were you happy with her service? Let the other parents know, too.

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