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2 years experience

Majka sa starala o našich dvoch chlapcov mesiac (vyzdvihovala ich zo školy a škôlky a trávila s nimi čas, kým sme neprišli z práce). Boli sme s ňou...

— Petra


5 years experience

Anička stráži môjho malého syna od jeho dvoch rokov a neskutočne sme si ju obľúbili. Je to veľmi schopná, spoľahlivá, ochotná a milá žienka, ktorá ...

— Zuzana


2 years experience

Aele pravideľne strážila moju 2 a pol ročnú dcéru. Je to veľmi milá spoľahlivá ústretová osoba, ktorej som nemala problém veriť. Chodila s dcérou a...

— Martina


6 years experience

Barborka prišla do našej rodiny po narodení mojho druhého syna Matúška, ktorý má tri mesiace. Prvý synček Miško sa cítil odstrčený a nechcela som h...

— Mariana


Laureen Bruneteau

Very good website to found sitter in kosice :)

Esther Titilayo Babajide

I had a positive experience at hlidač's verification center today. The attending lady was friendly, and the verification process was efficient, taking only 15 minutes for completion. Overall, a smooth and pleasant experience.

Every babysitting booked on Hlídač is insured up to 35 000 €*.

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The most important thing parents are interested in before the babysitting itself is their children’s safety.

Therefore, Hlídač have their own Verification Centres in Bratislava, Prague and Brno, three levels of online verification and above all, ratings from other parents. Check also 9 tips regarding your first babysitting experience.

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